bigstock Austin Texas Senate Chamber 9799478Make the your go-to website for all things shooting-related in Texas.  We’re not only going to be a great online magazine, we going to be your best resource for everything you want to know about guns, shooting, matches, events, training and much much more! is also an online community for people who want have a presence in the Texas shooting community.  It’s almost like having a Facebook page that’s dedicated to shooting in Texas.  Post your own articles, photos, videos, or simply keep up with your fellow gun/shooting enthusiasts. 

Check back often to see what is going on and what’s on the horizon, whether your interest is informal plinking, match shooting, serious self-defense training and equipment, or a combination of all of these activities.  In the coming weeks and months, we plan to add additional resources to help you find everything from shooting clubs and matches that interest you, to the best deals in town on guns, ammo, reloading supplies and more.

Range owners, club officers and match directors should read the article Get Involved” and see what can do to help you grow by publicizing your events, and to streamline event/match registration. 

Welcome to the new and thanks for dropping by.