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The popularity of the semi-automatic handgun has caused a significant decline in the use of revolvers for sport shooting or self-defense.  This is in spite of the fact that many people with a Texas License to Carry a Handgun carry revolvers, often small, easy-to-conceal, five-shot revolvers.

This 3 hour Basic Revolver Course covers drawing and engaging from a holster and engaging one or more targets, speed reloading, and close-range target engagement.  This is NOT a course for people with no handgun experience. People with little or no handgun experience should take the Basic Handgun Skills Course before taking the Basic Revolver Course.

A "good" holster and gun belt are required for this course.  Do not buy a holster that closes when you draw your handgun, thus requiring you to open the holster with your weak hand before reholstering.  There are many good holster manufacturers, including Comp-Tac a local company with great customer service and excellent delivery times.  

Prerequisite:  Basic Handgun Skills or recent prior handgun shooting experience
Ammo Required:  100 rds minimum
Class duration:  3 hrs.
Class Size:  Maximum 10 students
Class Fee:  $125 ($99 for PSC Members & family)