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    Handgun training courses from basic skills to advanced self-defense. Texas LTC, NRA, Handgun Skills Series and much more.

LTC Eligibility

Texas is a "shall issue" State meaning that any person who meets the statutory eligibility requirements must be issued a Texas License to Carry a Handgun.  Click the "Read More" link for eligibility requirements.

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Getting an LTC: 3 Steps

  1. Take a CHL Class at Texas Handgun Training
  2. Apply online with Texas Dept. of Public Safety
  3. Get digital fingerprints with Morpho Trust (a/k/a FAST)

The LTC class can be taken either before or after applying with DPS.

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Class Fees for PSC Members

Texas License to Carry a Handgun Class:  $95 
Handgun Skills Series:  
    Basic Handgun Skills $99
    Intermediate Handgun Skills I & II $99 each
    Advanced Handgun Skills i & ii $99 each
NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home: $150
NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home: $150
Private Training Sessions (1 to 3 people) $125/hr.

The Advanced Handgun Skills I Course (AHS I) introduces the use of barricades and other cover, shooting moving targets,  shooting from unusual positions and advanced malfunction/incapacitation drills. Students will hone the skills they learned in the first three courses by employing them in realistic scenarios.  Standing still and shooting at stationary targets is useful for training, but only to a point.  There comes a point when every person carrying a defensive handgun must practice under more realistic conditions

Adcanced Handgun Skills II Course (AHS II) builds on the skills learned in AHS I and takes  the students performance to a higher level.  Greater stress is placed on the student forcing them to perform under pressure to better simulate a real life-or-death event.  Students will also receive instruction in a "shoot house."

Ammo required: 300 rounds minimum.
Class duration:  3 hrs.
Class Size:  Maximum 8 students
Class Fee:  $99.