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    Handgun training courses from basic skills to advanced self-defense. Texas LTC, NRA, Handgun Skills Series and much more.

LTC Eligibility

Texas is a "shall issue" State meaning that any person who meets the statutory eligibility requirements must be issued a Texas License to Carry a Handgun.  Click the "Read More" link for eligibility requirements.

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Getting an LTC: 3 Steps

  1. Take a CHL Class at Texas Handgun Training
  2. Apply online with Texas Dept. of Public Safety
  3. Get digital fingerprints with Morpho Trust (a/k/a FAST)

The LTC class can be taken either before or after applying with DPS.

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Class Fees for PSC Members

Texas License to Carry a Handgun Class:  $95 
Handgun Skills Series:  
    Basic Handgun Skills $99
    Intermediate Handgun Skills I & II $99 each
    Advanced Handgun Skills i & ii $99 each
NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home: $150
NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home: $150
Private Training Sessions (1 to 3 people) $125/hr.

The 3 hour Intermediate II Handgun Skills Course covers drawing and engaging from a holster and engaging one or more targets, shooting on the move, use of cover and malfunction drills. 

A "good" holster and gun belt are required for this course, even if you are going to carry a handgun in a purse or fanny pack.  Do not buy a holster that closes when you draw your handgun, thus requiring you to open the holster with your weak hand before reholstering.  There are many good holster manufacturers, including Comp-Tac a local company with great customer service and excellent delivery times.  Students carrying a handgun in a purse or fanny pack will spend some time covering issues related to this method of carrying a defensive handgun, but the shooting portion of the class will involve only the use of a holster.

Prerequisite:  Basic Handgun Skills: Intermediate I
Ammo Required:  200 rds minimum
Class duration:  3 hrs.

Class Size:  Maximum 8 students
Class Fee:  $125 ($99 for PSC Members & family)