star ring logoWhether you already have a Texas License to Carry a Handgun or are thinking about it, putting an LTC in your wallet shouldn't be your end goal.  While the license makes it legal for you to carry a self-defense handgun, it doesn't mean you are ready to deal with a deadly assault. Get handgun training and start with the basics.  Then get a shooting mentor and have a practice plan every time you go to the range. 

The Handgun Skills Series of courses is an excellent way to develope the basic skills necessary to effectively use a handgun in a self-defense situation.  Currently, the Series

consists of five different  classes: Basic Handgun Skills (3 hrs.), Intermediate Handgun I & II Skills courses (3 hrs. each), and Advanced Handgun Skills I&II courses (3 hrs. each).  The classes are building blocks designed to allow a student with little or no handgun experience to progress with confidence in building handgun skills.  Each course in the Series focuses on specific aspects of defensive shooting and classes are scheduled far enough apart to allow the student to practice and hone what they have learned before proceeding to the next level course.