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posted by Charles L. Cotton on Sep 30

posted by Charles L. Cotton on Dec 29

I had the opportunity to participate in the Holiday Single Stack Match hosted by the folks at Thunder Tactical Shooters. It seems our friends in the Conroe, Texas area have established a tradition for special holiday matches and the turnout shows their efforts are appreciated. The match had 43 shooters, 42 of whom no doubt shot better than I did!

The match had six stages and was billed as a hybrid as it combined aspects of both IDPA and IPSC rules. Targets and scoring were IDPA, while the match was shot IPSC style; i.e. run-and-gun! I commented that this was the first time I dropped a partially loaded mag. on the run in over 1 years!. In spite of the run-and-gun format, I had a very hard time simply stepping out from behind a barricade and hosing threat targets. Oh well, it was fun and I can get back to my IDPA roots tomorrow at practice.

Thanks for a great match folks. It was really nice to simply be able to shoot a match, instead of having to run it.

Thanks also to all of the shooters who made this match fun; it was nice to see some old friends I haven’t seen in quite a while.


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