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posted by Charles L. Cotton on Dec 29

I had the opportunity to participate in the Holiday Single Stack Match hosted by the folks at Thunder Tactical Shooters. It seems our friends in the Conroe, Texas area have established a tradition for special holiday matches and the turnout shows their efforts are appreciated. The match had 43 shooters, 42 of whom no doubt shot better than I did!

The match had six stages and was billed as a hybrid as it combined aspects of both IDPA and IPSC rules. Targets and scoring were IDPA, while the match was shot IPSC style; i.e. run-and-gun! I commented that this was the first time I dropped a partially loaded mag. on the run in over 1 years!. In spite of the run-and-gun format, I had a very hard time simply stepping out from behind a barricade and hosing threat targets. Oh well, it was fun and I can get back to my IDPA roots tomorrow at practice.

Thanks for a great match folks. It was really nice to simply be able to shoot a match, instead of having to run it.

Thanks also to all of the shooters who made this match fun; it was nice to see some old friends I haven’t seen in quite a while.


posted by Charles L. Cotton on Dec 23

For the first time in decades, people wrongfully placed on the national “no-buy” list used by the National Instant Check System (NICS) will have the ability to get their names removed. H.R. 2640 was filed in response to the tragic shooting at Virginia Tech. For more information, check the NRA website at

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