posted by Charles L. Cotton on Mar 6

An article appeared in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram wherein columnist Linda Campbell criticized Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott for taking the lead in the filing of an amicus brief on supporting citizens’ Second Amendment Rights. Ms. Campbell’s column was rather short-sighted to put it mildly.

The Star-Telegram printed a rebuttal by Mr. Ted Cruz and I complement the Star-Telegram for doing so. Here is an expert from Mr. Cruz’s article and you can the entire article at the Star-Telegram Article.

Thank you Mr. Cruz and thanks also to the Star-Telegram for presenting the opposing view.


Working in the best interests of Texans


Special to the Star-Telegram

Last week, columnist Linda Campbell assailed Texas Attorney Greg Abbott for leading 31 states before the U.S. Supreme Court in defense of the Second Amendment. If we stand accused of vigorously protecting the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, we readily plead guilty as charged.

Nonetheless, the Feb. 28 column was wrong on multiple fronts:
. . .

For the rest of the article, please go to the Star-Telegram Article.

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