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More hypocrisy from a leading anti-Second Amendment Crusader

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has been accused of being involved with a prostitution ring providing high-price “call girls” to its customers. The full extent of his involvement has not been disclosed and may not even be known at this time. The accusations against Governor Spitzer were reported on virtually every major news outlet, much to the chagrin of the Spitzer’s supporters the likes of which include New York Senator Charles “Chuck” Schumer and Presidential hopeful New York Senator Hillary Clinton.

As yet, no official charges, if any, have been released and early reports of an indictment against Governor Spitzer appear to have been premature. The only allegations publicized at this time appear to be based upon the Governor arranging to have a specific prostitute named “Kristen” travel by train from New York to Washington D.C. to have sex with him at the Mayflower Hotel. If Governor Spitzer is the now-infamous “Client No. 9″ discovered during court-ordered wiretapping of the Emporors Club, then his actions would violate the Mann Act and the former New York Attorney General may find himself doing time in the same prisons to which he sent others convicted of the same crimes of which he may be accused.

Spitzer’s Public Apology

What does a New York Governor without a moral conscience do when he has been caught breaking the very laws he once vigorously and hypocritically enforced? Why, he makes his devastated and betrayed wife stand next to him at a press conference so he can publicly apologize to her and the rest of his family, and hopefully gain some sympathy and support with her grief-stricken face and his crocodile tears. So typical of a corrupt politician who has been caught, Governor Spitzer did not have the intestinal fortitude to stand in front of the media’s cameras alone and admit that he cheated on his wife and broke a number of state and federal laws. Rather, he gave a self-serving statement that he hopes will convince at least some people that he is truly sorry for what he has done.

“I have acted in a way that violates my obligations to my family and violates my, or any, sense of right and wrong. I apologize first and most importantly to my family. I apologize to the public, whom I promised better.

Well Governor Spitzer, you certainly violated family “obligations” and “any sense of right and wrong,” but you know well that you violated federal and state law as well. If you were as remorseful as you would have the public believe, you would have admitted that also, and you would have immediately resigned as Governor of New York.

Special Significance of Spitzer’s Apparent Crimes

Allegations against high-ranking political figures, especially allegations of involvement with prostitutes, are unfortunately rather commonplace. But the allegations against Governor Spitzer are especially troubling in light of his undeserved reputation of being tough on crime, including organized prostitution rings. Apparently, Governor Spitzer was tough on other peoples’ crimes and other peoples’ prostitution rings, but not his own.

Prior to being elected Governor of New York, Spitzer served eight (8) years as New York Attorney General. During those years, he built a reputation of being a crusader against crime, ironically including the prosecution of prostitution rings. As time went on and his deception grew, he was dubbed “Eliot Ness Spitzer” and “Mr. Clean,” titles he spent like political monopoly money to feather his political nest and “work” his way into the Governor’s Mansion. But in truth, Spitzer is much more than a fallen political figure, he is a fraud. He is not sorry for what he did, only that he got caught. He is not sorry for the betrayal and humiliation his wife and family feel, but he morns the effect this scandal will have on his political future and possibly his freedom. Why else would he flaunt his wife’s shame and grief before television cameras, other than to feign remorse and hopefully salvage some political support. A man who is truly sorry for his actions does not subject his wife to being a media spectacle and he fully admits his guilt; he does not simply recite a result-oriented prepared statement.

Frivolous lawsuits against innocent firearms manufacturers

Playing on undeserved nicknames was not the only dishonorable thing Spitzer did in his quest for power and position. He was a prime offender in the filing of frivolous lawsuits against firearms manufacturers solely to put them out of business through mounting legal defense costs. In the days before passage of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, politically motivated groundless lawsuits against firearms manufacturers were threatening to destroy the American firearms industry. Prior owners of Smith & Wesson reluctantly made a deal with New York that nearly destroyed the company when its customers abandoned it. When the deal looked like it was falling apart, then-HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo managed to salvage it and in so doing, sparked a conflict with Spitzer who needed disparately to get credit for the “deal” of the century. Thankfully, Smith & Wesson ownership changed as did its management, the Spitzer’s extortion plot failed when Smith & Wesson repudiated the “deal,” and the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act passed making such Spitzer-esk arm-twisting impossible.

But Spitzer’s political battle plan included frivolous lawsuits against high profile people and companies outside the firearms industry. And those lawsuits garnered him a great deal of criticism. As Kimberly Strassell, a member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board put it “Eliot Sptizer’s Real Agenda is . . . Eloit Spitzer! It is obvious that, until yesterday, Spitzer believed the old adage that “there is no such thing as bad publicity.” His perspective has probably changed in the last twenty-four (24) hours.

Silence from Spitzer supporters is deafening

Where is the outcry from leaders in Democratic Party? Where is the outcry from Senators Schumer and Feinstein, both stalwart anti-Second Amendment rights activists? Undoubtedly Schumer and Feinstein are devastated that their anti-gun champion, founder of the frivolous lawsuit theory of victory, has been so unceremoniously defrocked. And where is the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (a/k/a Brady Campaign to Ban All Guns) on this issue? Who knows, not a peep has been heard from their camp. One can only imagine the thunderous roar that would be heard from these people if an officer of the National Rifle Association had been accused of such conduct and crimes.

Fellow Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer managed only to say the following:

I feel bad for him and his family but until he makes a more complete statement, I have nothing more to say.

You feel bad for Spitzer and his family, Senator Schumer!? What about your own constituents, the good people of New York? What about the people and companies who were falsely targeted for politically motivated lawsuits solely to promote Spitzer’s lust for power and position? What about the New York Attorney General’s Office and the Governorship of New York? All have been betrayed, disgraced and tainted by the acts of a power-hungry, grand-standing politician concerned only with his own well-being and pleasures.

Oh how the mighty have fallen!


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  1. Mark F Says:


    Thank God I live in TEXAS! When I read about the corruption and self-serving activities of governers (such as Spitzer) and I just cringe…

    There should be a ZERO tolerance policy for all elected officials.

    Best Regards,

    Mark B. Fuess
    Native Texan

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